Who should enter the E-Mobility Awards (incorporating the Electric Vehicle Awards)?

Any business involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing or sales of electric vehicles and any supporting services or infrastructure. Eligibility is as broad as the industry itself. If you are in any doubt about the category/ies you should enter, please email the Awards office for guidance.

The E-Mobility Awards (incorporating the Electric Vehicle Awards) are about ingenuity, innovation and achievement in the market. 


Key dates

  • February 1: Call for entries opens – extended for entries until mid-September to allow for hold-ups in approvals over the summer break
  • September 26: Final deadline for receipt of late entry submissions
  • October 7: Finalist companies announced
  • November 18: Final stage judging completed to ratify positions
  • January 17: Awards event at the National Conference Centre, B92 0EJ (tba)


Will your entries be returned?

No entries will be returned after judging. They will be securely destroyed after the Awards ceremony has taken place. Entries that make the short-list of finalists will be used in the Winners supplement published for the Awards. Any information marked as confidential will be treated as such by the organisers. You are not required to submit production vehicles or manufactured products as part of your entry as the judges will be reviewing video files and press reports as well as company material submitted by entrants.


What will you receive if you win? 

Every winner will receive a custom-designed, Category Winner trophy and a winner’s logo for print or online use. The Prix d’Honneur winner (if awarded) will receive a gold version of the trophy. Close runners-up will receive an acrylic Award of Merit trophy and a logo for print or online use. All finalists will receive a logo to display online or in print. It is worth pointing out that all trophies can be fully recycled. 

Final deadline for entries: September 26

Time pressures for preparing good entries can be tough. If you need a helping hand writing your awards submissions contact Boost Awards. They are the first and largest experts in preparing awards entries and act completely independently.

There is no financial relationship between the E-Mobility / Electric Vehicle Awards and Boost. Any advice you receive from Boost Awards is confidential, impartial and independent and the company operates worldwide.

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