How much does it cost to enter the awards?

You pay a nominal fee for each entry you make to the Awards.

Why is there a fee? Because there are real costs associated in setting up the entry receiving process and the current year’s database of entries. There is also the care and secure storage of entries and the processing of entries and payments. Distributing collated papers to the judges, convening the jury, providing a venue for the judging days, if necessary, offering refreshments and lunch to the judges, compiling the privately scored judges’ marks and communicating the short-list to the lucky finalists, also incur costs. 

The entry fee for each entry is £150.00 plus VAT at the current rate, if applicable.

Payment for entries must be made at the time of entry and receipt of all entries will be acknowledged electronically. There is an option to request an invoice before paying, but please note that only 14 days’ credit are allowed.

For every entry received a tree will be planted in the UK.

By way of advance notice, we will always run an event to celebrate the success of Finalists after judging is complete. It will normally be a physical event, where places will be available at a rate per table or per person, or it could be an online event, where a fee per Finalist company will be made, but these charges will be additional to any entry fees. Being part of a physical event or online presentation is at the discretion of each Finalist company and the results declared are completely independent of participation.

Entries open: September 1

Time pressures for preparing good entries can be tough. If you need a helping hand writing your awards submissions contact Boost Awards. They are the first and largest experts in preparing awards entries and act completely independently.


There is no financial relationship between the E-Mobility / Electric Vehicle Awards and Boost. Any advice you receive from Boost Awards is confidential, impartial and independent and the company operates worldwide.