The categories for the E-Mobility Awards have been reviewed, adapted and amended and there are now 21 categories to enter and win, plus one Prix d’Honneur, decided by the judges from the category winners.

For the purposes of these Awards, the terms “e-mobility”, “electric vehicle” or “EV” can include cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, all types of e-powered working vehicles, boats, aircraft, buses and locomotives as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and all the network infrastructure, manufacturers and service and installation providers that support the whole e-mobility sector.

We do not have the facilities to accept prototype or production vehicles, so please submit video material to show any vehicle or finished product at its best and support any video with objective road or test reports or press analysis or TV vehicle or product trials and testing.

Please note that there is a nominal entry fee to pay for each entry you make as explained on the Fees page of this website.

And do remember that for each entry you submit we will plant a tree.

Specific Field Application Innovations

1. Urban Mobility Innovation: Solutions specifically addressing urban transportation challenges.

2. Rural and Remote Area Mobility Innovation: Innovations targeting mobility in rural and remote areas.

3. Marine E-Mobility Innovation: Advances in electric maritime transport.

4. Aerospace E-Mobility Innovation: Innovations in electric aircraft and related technologies.

Environmental Innovation

5. Environmental Impact Award : Most Eco-friendly E-mobility Solution

6. Circular Economy in E-Mobility Award: Initiatives promoting circular economy amnd recycling practices.

7. Carbon Reduction Achievement: Recognizing significant reductions in carbon emissions through e-mobility solutions

Consumer Experience

8. Best Customer Service in E-Mobility: Exceptional customer service in the e-mobility sector.

9. Best EV Charging App for Consumers: User-friendly and innovative charging apps.

Emerging Technologies and Startups

10. Best New E-Mobility Technology: Motors, Power Electronics, Battery Pack

11. Startup of the Year: Recognizing the most promising new company in the e-mobility sector.

Educational and Workforce Development

12. Best University E-Mobility Project: Recognizing best student or team project as part of university degree

13. Best E-Mobility Training Program: Recognizing programs that educate and train the workforce for the e-mobility sector.

14. Outstanding Contribution to E-Mobility Education: Recognizing individuals or institutions contributing to e-mobility education.

Marketing, Communications, and Outreach

15. Best E-Mobility Marketing Campaign: Recognizing effective marketing strategies in e-mobility.

16. Most Influential E-Mobility Advocate: Highlighting individuals or organizations advocating for e-mobility.

Technical and Engineering Innovations

17. Best Charging Equipment or Service Innovation: Innovations specifically relating to charging infrastructure and solutions

18. Best Electric Car Innovation: Innovations specifically in electric cars.

19. Best Electric Bus Innovation: Innovations in electric buses.

20. Best Electric Truck Innovation: Innovations in electric trucks and heavy-duty vehicles

Prix d’Honneur

(This cannot be entered as the Winner is selected by the judges from the category winners) 

Entries open: September 1

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