How to Enter


Six steps for successful entry


1. Decide which category or categories you wish to enter.

2. Prepare your written submissions offline including any embedded thumbnail visuals and URL links to video files

3. Complete the online entry form fully, including the important 100-word summary of your entry

4. Upload your written submission online, when prompted

5. Upload your company/brand logo and one good high resolution photographic image to support your entry, when asked

6. Submit your completed entry no later than May 31 and pay the entry fee.

All entry forms are completed online – a submission paper must be prepared offline then uploaded to the Awards website. The guide template of headings and suggested content for the written submission can be found on the Useful Advice page, along with other helpful information.

Eligibility: Activity described in the entry must have taken place between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2022 – an eighteen-month eligibility period. Reference may be made to prior products or developments, if it helps the judges to view the activity in context, but entries will not be judged on past glories.


The deadline for entries each year is May 31.


Time pressures for preparing good entries can be tough. If you need a helping hand writing your awards submissions contact Boost Awards. They are the first and largest experts in preparing awards entries and act completely independently.

There is no financial relationship between the E-Mobility / Electric Vehicle Awards and Boost. Any advice you receive from Boost Awards is confidential, impartial and independent and the company operates worldwide: